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Pistol & Rifle Club

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Outdoor Rifle & Pistol range construction!

Call ahead to confirm that it is open.

If you are traveling any distance please call ahead at

618-654-5971 to confirm that the range is open

This only affects the multi‐use rifle and pistol range.

All other ranges are open


The outdoor range & cowboy range will also be closed for deer season

11/21‐23 & 12/4‐7



Please note that certain activities will necessitate the closing of the range .  Please visit our calendar page for more information.




New club house public hours

7 days a week noon till 6PM except Thursday we're open till 1AM



Outdoor range (Members) $1.00

Outdoor range (Non-Members) $10.00

Indoor range (Members) $3.00 Indoor range ammo restrictions!

Indoor range (Non-Members) $10.00 First hour$5.00 each additional hour

Skeet & Trap (Members) $3.00 a round

Skeet & Trap (Non-Members) $5.00 a round

League fee's (Members) $3.00

League fee's (Non-Members) $4.00 

Trap league $12.00 a per week Per person