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Pistol Scores


What is Bullseye?


Bullseye events focus primarily on accuracy. Competitors fire from a standing position, using only one hand. Matches consist of slow fire, timed fire, and rapid fire stages fired over relatively long distances. A slow fire target consists of ten shots fired in ten minutes. In timed fire, the target starts edge-on to the competitor, so the shooter cannot see the target face. After a series of range commands ("ready on the right, ready on the left, ready on the firing line") the target rotates 90° to face the shooter. The target is exposed for twenty seconds, during which the shooter fires five rounds. After twenty seconds the target rotates again to face away from the shooter. The process is repeated for the second string of five shots, after which the targets are scored and replaced or repaired. The process for rapid fire is the same as for timed fire, except the target is exposed for only ten seconds per string.

The classic outdoor pistol match is called a "2700." Shooters fire 270 shots with a maximum value of 10 points each, hence the name. Those 270 shots are divided into three 90-shot events, fired with .22, center-fire and .45 pistols.

This format got its start as a way to combine shooting with the civilian's .22, the police officer's .38 revolver and the military man's .45 autoloader. As .45 accuracy improved, however, shooters began to use the .45 for both center-fire and .45 matches, and today it is rare to see a pure center-fire pistol. Red dot scopes are the norm now but you will still find many competitors that prefer to use iron sights.

The 90-shot, 900-point aggregate consists of four matches: slow-fire, the National Match Course, timed-fire and rapid-fire. Slow-, timed- and rapid-fire are 20-shot events, but the National Match Course has 30: 10 shots slow fire at 50 yds;. and 10 each timed- (five rounds in 20 seconds) and rapid- (five rounds in 10 seconds) fire at 25 yds.

While a full-fledged 2700 is fired at 25 and 50 yds, proportionally reduced targets make it possible to fire all stages indoors at 50 ft. Typically indoor matches are 900’s (.22 only) or 1800’s which are .22 and any center fire.

The NRA classification system groups shooters of similar ability into one of five classes that range from Marksman up to the top-level High Master. Shooters may be further grouped into categories--juniors, women, collegians, police and service members. So don't worry about how good or bad you may be.  Marksman compete with Marksman not Masters.

What is International air pistol?


Shooting has the 3 largest number of events in the 2008 summer Olympics. There are several disciplines of international pistol shooting.  Men's air pistol, women's air pistol, woman's sport pistol, standard pistol, center fire pistol, rapid fire pistol and free pistol.


Competitors fire from a standing position, using only one hand and scopes are not allowed with air guns using .177 caliber lead pellets only.  There are vary stringent rules for  concerning barrel length weight and grips.  Please refer to the links below for a full copy of the rules.



Men's & Woman's air pistol are fired at 10 meters with a minimum of 1.5 minutes per shot.  One, three or five shots may be fires on each target depending upon the match.  Woman only fire forty shots while men fire 60 shots.


Standard pistol is vary similar to Bullseye.  Only .22 pistols are used  Barrel length is limited to six inches and muzzle brakes are not allowed, but the biggest difference is that when firing timed and rapid fire the pistol is held down in the ready position. The pistol may not be raised until the targets begin to turn.  Unlike Bullseye where the pistol is held on target before the targets turn. 


Center fire pistol fires thirty shots slow fire and 30 shots dueling (rapid).  during the dueling stage the targets are turned for three seconds in which time the shooter raise the pistol and fires one shot.  The targets will then turn.  Seven seconds later the targets again turn for three seconds and one shot is fired.  Any center fire pistol from .30 caliber though 9mm (38 Special) revolver or auto can be used.


Woman's sport pistol is a combination of standard pistol and center fire.  The standard .22 pistol is used and the course of fire is that of center fire.


Rapid fire (.22 cal only) competitors fire one shot each on five separate targets.  Yes five targets at once.  The first stage is fired in eight seconds, six second sand then four seconds to fire one shot on each of the five targets.!


Free pistol is fired with the .22 caliber pistol.  There are vary few restrictions on the "free" pistol.  Such as barrel length, trigger pull or pistol weight.  The course of fire is similar to that of the air pistol.


Olympic finals procedures are rather complicated and are not used in most NRA sanctioned matches.  Please use the links below for more details.



The NRA and the Olympics


The NRA is not the governing body for Olympic shooting in the USA. According to the Olympic  committee, political originations can not be the governing body for any sport.    The ISSF (see link below) is the governing body for Olympic international shooting.  USA Shooting (see link below) is the governing body for Olympic shooting in the USA; however,  NRA does support international shooting.  In NRA matches the the rules are some what simplified.  In NRA matches Ranges may elect to use slightly smaller targets for 25&50 yards instead of 25&50 meters. Additionally the NRA provides even smaller targets for indoor 50 foot ranges to simulate 25&50 meters.  ISSF rules require all .22 and center fire pistols be fired at 25&50 meters.



“ISSF” international shooting sport federation is the international  governing body of the international shooting sports (not the NRA)

USA shooting is the governing body for Olympic shooting in the USA (not the NRA)

Target talk is a good forum for Bullseye but its main focus is international

ISSF Technical rules for ALL shooting disciplines


Bullseye Links

This sight has everything you wanted to know about Bullseye but didn’t know you should ask!

The Bullseye forum.  They spend a lot of time discussing not only bullet accuracy and loads but the mental part of the game.  I can’t recommend this sight enough if you’re interested in Bullseye.

Here you will find PDF files for all NRA rule books.

The United States Army Marksmanship Unit Training Manual

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Zins  Congratulations on your 8th title!

Where to Find" Sites In no particular order

Dr. Norman Wong Articles.  Shooting and your vision.

Don has passed away but his knowledge live on here.

NRA Marksmanship program.  Follow the links to the left for each discipline.


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